Home Foundation Services

Have a home that needs to be set on a foundation? Do you want a base pad, full slab, cross runners, or other options?

Call the experts at Alamo Transport and let our experienced team handle the job!

Every home needs a foundation. At Alamo Transport, we specialize in preparing foundations that will last for years to come. Our foundations are designed by a licensed engineer and constructed by our teams of professionals.

Our base foundations are prepared with a multi-layered gravel pad, angled to ensure proper drainage occurs. Concrete blocks are then set in place and leveled precisely to make sure your home is positioned properly when it is emplaced upon the foundation. The home is also secured with anchor tie downs to add extra stability.

Based foundation & pad preparation

When you want added stability and durability for the foundation of your manufactured home, consider adding cross runners into your base foundation. These thick concrete runners span the width of the home, creating a great foundation.

Cross Runner Preparation

Cross runners with perimeter beams added to the border of the home foundation makes for an outstanding, rock solid foundation for your manufactured home. We take a traditional cross runner design and add solid concrete runners around the entire perimeter.

Perimeter Beams

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